Nature & technology form a powerful combination

We believe that fruits are meant to be enjoyed the way nature intended – fresh, sweet and juicy. And that’s the purpose behind every effort at Superplum. We’ve brought together the very best in agricultural know-how and tech innovation to create India’s first modern agriculture supply chain.

Happy farmers.
Our foundation.

India’s best farmers and their farms lie at the very core of our business, and we ensure that we have happy farmers.
Better Infrastructure
Farm level infrastructure allows for better quality produce and lower wastage.
Higher Income
Every fruit is traceable back to the farm, so farmers can benefit from online payments and a profit-sharing model. Because of our dynamic nationwide supply chain, we can ensure higher than local market prices for farmers.

Happy customers.
Our purpose.

For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than consumers savouring every last bite of their fruits. Everyone deserves to eat better and now they can.
Peace of mind
Consumers and their families can enjoy fruits knowing that they are safe-to-eat. We do multi-level food safety tests and background checks to ensure your family is not at risk from harmful chemicals that are all too common.
India’s best fruits for you
Our 100% refrigerated cold chain picks up produce right from farms and can deliver them to you at their freshest and juiciest. Say goodbye to sad, dried out fruits.
Because of our advanced supply chain, we are able to provide customers hard to find fruits. We have fresh plums in Bangalore and pristine Badami Mangoes in Delhi.