Helping the world eat healthier
with our pesticide-tested fruits

Enjoy the finest Indian fruit - from mangoes
and grapes, to pomegranates and apples.
Each batch is safe to eat. The proof is on the pack!

A wide range of the freshest Indian fruits
available throughout the year



Farmers are at the heart of Superplum’s operations and we make sure that they get a better deal. Our innovative cold supply chain helps farmers sell more and earn more.
Improved Infrastructure
We provide farmers with state-of-the-art technology and, together with BAYER, arm them with the best farming tools and practices to help them grow better.
Increased Income
Our farmers earn up to 30% higher incomes, as compared to local market prices. Consumers are even encouraged to reward farmers if they enjoy their fruit.
Reduced Wastage
By storing and transporting fruits in refrigerated containers, we are able to reduce produce wastage by up to 50%.


Consumers deserve to know more about their fruits and where they come from. Our innovative supply chain offers customers an unmatched level of transparency and a direct connection with their farmers.
Fruit Rating
By sharing feedback, consumers are involved in the process of sourcing and transporting fruits.
Food Safety
By scanning a QR code on the packs, consumers can access pesticide test and food quality reports, thus allowing them to make more informed choices.
Farm-to-Store Journey
Other than viewing the exact location of the farm, consumers can track the route their fruits took to get to the store.
Farmer Connections
With Superplum, consumers can see exactly who grew their fruits, how much more their farmer earned, and choose to reward them with a bonus payment.


Reduced Wastage
Our tech-enabled transportation ensures that fruits stay fresh for longer, and reduces wastage by up to 50%
Eco-Friendly Packaging
Each variety of fruit is stored, transported and sold in unique packaging that not only protects the fruit from damage, but also doesn’t harm the environment.
Reduced Carbon Emissions
Along with details of the fruit, farm and farmer, consumers can also see the total transport carbon emissions data for their batch of fruits.

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